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Insurance Tips For Rideshare Drivers

Rideshare services have become a popular option for individuals who are looking for both extra money or a full-time job. For these drivers, there are insurance requirements that they will need to meet, but this can be a factor that many newer drivers may not have thought about.

Your Standard Auto Insurance May Not Apply When You Are Driving The Vehicle

A common mistake for new rideshare drivers is assuming that their standard auto insurance will apply. However, standard auto insurance policies will have strict limitations on the vehicle being used for commercial activities. This can mean that any claims that occur while the vehicle is engaged in commercial work may be denied by the carrier, which could leave the driver fully liable for the financial damage. As a result, it is necessary to buy a policy designed to cover vehicles that are engaged in commercial activities.

There Are Benefits To Carrying More Than The Legal Minimum Commercial Insurance Coverage

Your state will have its own rules concerning the minimum amount of insurance that needs to be carried. Often, commercial drivers will be required to carry far more coverage than personal vehicles. New drivers will often choose the most affordable policy available without considering the benefits that could come with more comprehensive coverage. For example, higher medical coverage can be useful as you may need to carry multiple passengers. Additionally, these policies can have types of coverage that are specifically suited for rideshare drivers. A popular example of this is compensation for missed fares when the vehicle is undergoing accident-related repairs.

Take Advantage Of Options To Reduce The Cost Of Your Rideshare Driver Insurance Policy

When choosing a rideshare driver insurance policy, it is useful to consider the steps that you may be able to take to reduce the overall cost of this coverage without having to sacrifice the amount of coverage or other benefits that you enjoy while driving. Paying for the entire policy upfront is one of the easiest options for reducing the overall cost of the policy. Many insurance carriers will offer discounts for paying for the policy upfront. This can also save you payment processing fees that may be required with monthly payment options. Many policies may also offer discounts for those that are switching from a different insurance carrier. These discounts can make it worth the time to shop around when it comes time to renew your policy.

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