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What Is A Sewer Line Endorsement With Home Insurance?

Basic homeowner's insurance plans do not cover every single type of peril you might experience with your home, but there are a lot of coverage options you can add to a policy to make sure you are fully protected. These coverage options are called endorsements, and one option you could add is called sewer line coverage.

The basics of any endorsement

When it comes to any type of insurance, there are options and there are basics. With home insurance, a basic plan will often cover things such as damage from hail, storms, theft, and fires, but a basic plan will not cover some perils you could experience. When you want to cover things that your basic policy does not cover, you would have to add endorsements to the policy. This means you are adding specific types of coverages to the policy and adding these will increase your rates.

What sewer line coverage is

Sewer line coverage is a common type of endorsement with home insurance policies, as it provides coverage for situations in which your sewer line causes damage. If your sewer line backs up, and if this results in sewage coming into your home, you could end up with a big repair bill for the work your home needs. If you have sewer line coverage with your home insurance, you would not have to pay the full bill. Instead, you would pay only the deductible on the policy, and your insurance company would pay the remaining balance.

Why you might want to add it to your policy

There are several reasons people add sewer line coverage to their home insurance. One reason is simply to avoid high expense bills if a problem ever occurs. Secondly, there are people who add this coverage when they have gone through a sewer problem in the past. People like this know that sewer issues are costly to repair and no fun to have. Finally, people add this coverage because it is affordable. If you are willing to pay a little extra each month for it, you will have added protection if you ever encounter a problem involving your sewer line.

Talking to a home insurance agent is a great way to understand this type of endorsement more and is also a great way to learn more about other types of endorsements you can add to your policy. Contact a home insurance provider today if you have any questions.