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When we started thinking about buying a home, I realized that we had a boatload of work to do. I knew that we needed to save up a down payment, talk with a mortgage broker, and most importantly--figure out what we were doing about homeowners insurance. Fortunately, a friend of mine told me about a great insurance broker in our area who handled that kind of thing. We met with her to talk about our options, and before we knew it, we had found a policy that really melded with our budget and lifestyle. This blog is all about insuring your home.



5 Tips To Help You Save Money On Your Auto Insurance Policy

For many people, being able to save money on their auto insurance policy is a major priority. This is especially true as many industries are experiencing record-high inflation rates causing the average person's monthly expenses to soar. If you have found yourself in this same position, you will be glad to know that saving money on your car insurance can be a very simple task when using the five tips below.

Tip #1: Take A Defensive Driving Course To Offset Points On Your License

If you have been ticketed for a moving traffic violation in the past several years, there is a good chance that you still have points on your license. This can result in higher car insurance rates. Thankfully, getting these points removed and securing a lower rate can often be as simple as completing a defensive driving course either in person or online. 

Tip #2: Register For Your Insurance Provider's Safe Driver Mobile App

If your insurance provider offers a safe driver discount, you can easily qualify for this discount by registering for your insurance company's safe driver mobile app. This mobile app will track your driving habits over a predetermined amount of time. The safer you drive during this time, the more money you can save on your car insurance. 

Tip #3: Bundle Your Auto Insurance Policy With Other Insurance Products

If you need other types of insurance in addition to your car insurance, you can often qualify for a discount on all your policies by choosing to bundle these policies. The most common type of insurance bundle includes auto insurance and either homeowners or renters insurance. 

Tip #4: Install An Anti-Theft System In Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is not currently equipped with an anti-theft system, choosing to install one of these aftermarket devices could qualify you for a discount on your car insurance. In order to qualify for this discount, you will need to carry comprehensive coverage since standard liability policies do not include coverage for theft. 

Tip #5: Avoid Choosing The Monthly Installment Option

When purchasing your car insurance policy, you will typically have three different options when it comes to paying for this policy. You can choose to pay the full amount upfront, pay in two equal installments, or make monthly installment payments. While paying monthly may be more convenient, it is also more expensive. If you are able to avoid using this option, you will be able to avoid the convenience fees that are tacked on to your payment each month.

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